Digital Editing

ell me.... do you

...wish you could photograph a wedding and then not have to edit for hours on end for the next week?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then buckle up.. this is for you:! My friend, you don't have to do it all. You see, one of my favorite parts of being a photographer is the visual art I get to create. Editing, to me, is fun and exhilarating. Taking a RAW image and transforming it into the picture you imagined - it’s one of my favorite parts of the job! So, let me help you get your life back, and you’ll help me by letting me channel my creative side! I can improve your client experience by turning around your images faster than you can imagine. That's a big promise, I know. Trust me. 

...dream of days where you don’t have to be behind your computer all day?

...wish you had more time with your family?

...want your life back?!

Your clients won't even notice a difference.

Your images & your style

Let me just tell you that white knuckling your editing can be detrimental for you + the life of your business. If you don’t like editing, you simply don’t like editing. No amount of time forcing yourself to edit through thousands of pictures will make you like it.. in fact it will do just the opposite! Outsourcing will give you your life back. Plus, I mean it’s a tax write-off so that’s pretty amazing too! ;)

I only have 3 more editing spots left for the 2020 wedding season. I take on few clients at a time so I can give the images the careful attention they deserve, because I realize that photographs are our clients' legacies!
I pay attention to the details. The pimple that needs to be retouched. The lines that need to be straightened out. The skin tones that need some work. These things matter!


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My preset lists include: Click Match, Noble Presets, and Mastin Labs. I am always open to getting new presets, if you use a different preset please let me know - I can really work with any preset!
If you have a custom preset you use on your photos I will do my best to recreate that (you can always send it to me, t00).
My goal is to make your images look like your images. 

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digital editing

$.26 cents per image with a $20 minimum. Includes all color correction, cropping as necessary, horizon straightening, sharpening, and minor blemish fixing. 


(Personally I think culling is the devil's work... but if you really want me to, I charge a standard $70 for weddings over 2,000 RAW images and $20 for portrait sessions when bundled with editing services. 

time syncing

I do require cameras to be time synced, if not there will be a $10 fee. This is a required fee if your session is not already synced. This provides the most consistent gallery with a quicker turnaround time, and less hassle when arranging photos on an online gallery!

pricing & details

*Editing is for RAW images only, no JPEG           *Dropbox required for sharing Lightroom catalogs
*My preference is to be sent Lightroom Catalogs via Dropbox. I will explain how to do this once you reach out via email to!

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