hen you book your wedding with me, your engagement session is complementary to the package. 

It gives the three of us time to get to know each other + for you and your fiance to get comfortable in front of my camera. This will help you on your wedding day because you’ll already know the poses!! Also, engagement photos are fun to use at your wedding or to post online leading up to the wedding :)! You can expect your engagement shoot no later than three months before your wedding! My personal favorite season to shoot engagement sessions is in spring when the trees are budding because it is so romantic! However I offer engagement sessions in all seasons! Once you are officially booked with me, we will discuss this more in-depth (with what to wear, what to expect, etc)!

If you are interested in only engagement photos, but not wedding photos, please reach out! I would love to discuss this!!

your engagement session


That is because your engagement shoot is very important!

frequently asked questions

1. When do you recommend doing an engagement shoot?

I recommend scheduling your engagement shoot at least three months before your wedding date so you have time to get pictures printed if you would like to use them at your wedding! 

2. Do you come up with the location for the engagement shoot?

I will definitely consult you in case there is a specific location you've always dreamed of doing them, but I can come up with locations, too! 

3. Can I make my wedding package cheaper by opting out of the engagement shoot?

Since the engagement shoot is complimentary, I do not offer a discount if the engagement shoot is not taken. I think an engagement shoot is very important because it allows you to get to know me + my style of photography, so on your wedding day you will already be comfortable! It's also a really fun time, so 99.999999% of my couples do an engagement session with me :).

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I AM INTERESTED IN:                     BOTH PHOTOGRAPHY and videography                    PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY

I AM INTERESTED IN:               
             BOTH PHOTOGRAPHY and videography

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hank you! I'm so excited to chat with you and will get back to you very soon!